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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

By now you may have realised that I have been designated as President of the Methodist Church for 2017/18. I consider this to be a great honour and privilege and I look forward to travelling around the Connexion and meeting our Methodist people. I am grateful to those who nominated me, but most of all I am grateful to God for his love, care and blessings and the honour of serving his church in this way. I am thankful too for the many expressions of congratulations from around the Connexion and especially from the District for the cards, texts, emails, letters, flowers and gifts, the generosity and prayer support has been truly overwhelming.

You may be wondering what this entails and what happens in the District during my time as President, well first let me reassure you that the District will be in the very safe and capable hands of Revd Mike Redshaw, Revd Paul Worsnop as Deputy chairs and the District team.

The presidency is over a three year period: During year one I will be attending a variety of meetings some of which I already attend in my role as Chair. This of course will increase and Mike, Paul and I have been working together now for some months have already agreed what roles we share and we feel this has been working well. We now all three offer preaching appointments across the District, pastoral care is now much more coordinated and we have been able to respond to requests coming to us from the Superintendents. We are also continuing Prayerfest till the end of the year and also a new initiative which we hope to inform you of soon that we have called “Chair’s team talks" and this will be coming to a church near you in the new Connexional year.

In year two you will see much less of me though I do intend to honour any arrangements I have already made for 2017/18 in the District . During this year I will travel the Connexion encouraging the Methodist people and I hope you will pick up a prayer card and follow Jill Baker the Vice President and I as we travel around and I will endeavour to put as many updates on social media as I can. The arrangements for the District will be on the agenda at the District Executive when we meet in September and we will of course keep you fully informed.

In year three I will be back in the district and it will be much like year one and picking up the Chairs role again. I hope this gives you a flavour of the next three years and I will of course update this page when further information is available to us. I know I serve the best district in the Connexion, and I am very confident about us being able to work together in the coming months and years and as I travel around the Connexion I will be telling lots of stories about the great things that are happening here as we seek to serve God and build his kingdom.
In prayer


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