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Widower Gladys


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 Arrived in Kampala as part of the All we can visit to a number of projects which I will be visiting with Graeme and Dean . Sat outside waiting for our meal on a typical balmy dusty African evening. This is the view from my window.

This is Gladys a widow who now has no children of her own at home and takes in orphan children. She was overjoyed with her tippy tap and her Lattrine and water tank that she says has saved her life. These were provided by the VAD team and all we can. She asked if I could pray with her and it took some doing as it was such an emotional moment.

On Bussie Island one of the poorest communities of 1000 people who pay 20p per month to use the 5 toilets and the two washing areas here is the management group with their tippy tap. 

Arrived in Jinja passed over the Nile to get here and tonight worshiped with the local Methodist Circuit when we used Cliff Praise and felt very much at home. Feeling very lessed by welcome and hospitality.A few weeks ago I attended a Bridge builders course when £240 was raised for All We Can for a women to be empowered somewhere in the world. Today I met Edith at her new piggery with her piglet in Jinja Uganda. Edith is a widow and when she sells her piglets will be able to have her own home and not live with her eldest son, she will also be able to feed her children. £240 changed a life today thank you Bridge Builder colleagues and thank you God.

Thursday we have been working with the Methodist Church in Uganda in seminars on leadership. Stimulating day with so many really interesting conversations. Hoping and praying that Bishop William and the team can achieve there vision. I waited to post about my last day in Uganda as I was not sure what I would write and if in fact I could write anything without becoming too emotional as it was so harrowing as we visited the region of Bwondha where 40 thousand people live in a settlement called by many a slum and is one of the most inaccessible and deprived communities in Uganda.

We arrived to a public meeting where the mood was sombre as people complained about the lack of support for them as we listened as they described themselves as a lost and left community. They had no fresh clean water other than that they have to pay for which course many of them cant afford. The women have to walk down to the lake and you will see for the photographs what they have to content with as pigs and livestock live near the water and cause disease but the women have no choice and you cant call it a beach it was more like a tip.

Can you imagine how that must be gathering water that you know is going to harm you and your children, but as one women told us what choice do we have. Having gathered the water the women then have to walk up the big hill back to there homes that may be more than 2 or 3 miles way or even further. A visit that will stay long in my memory. 

Thank you to ALL WE CAN and especially Graeme Hodge and Dean Gillespie who made the trip so stimulating, a blessing and where i learned so much. More photographs are available on mine and the district face book pages. You can also follow the Presidential blog on the Methodist church website.

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