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ILoveMCRIt's been a week where we have seen the best and worst of people, and I'm sitting here in the Circuit office reflecting on it all.

It's taken me almost a week to get to this point, so please forgive these ramblings.

Last Monday, the terrible news of the Manchester bombing. As a person who has previously worked in the Manchester area and who retains a great love for the City and especially Oldham it has caused great upset and anger within me. However, I too concur with those who speak of the Mancunian spirit, having been there when the shopping centre experienced the IRA bombing on 15 June 1996. Thankfully no one was killed but over 200 were injured.

Dear friends and colleagues,

I write just four weeks before the conference in Birmingham when I become President of the Methodist Conference and the feelings are of excitement and trepidation while being very humbled that I should be given this honour by the church that has nurtured and loved me.

Jill Baker the Vice President and I have chosen the theme for our year, it’s “Day by Day - Exploring the rhythm of mission and discipleship”. We have taken our inspiration from Acts 2: 42-27

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

By now you may have realised that I have been designated as President of the Methodist Church for 2017/18. I consider this to be a great honour and privilege and I look forward to travelling around the Connexion and meeting our Methodist people. I am grateful to those who nominated me, but most of all I am grateful to God for his love, care and blessings and the honour of serving his church in this way. I am thankful too for the many expressions of congratulations from around the Connexion and especially from the District for the cards, texts, emails, letters, flowers and gifts, the generosity and prayer support has been truly overwhelming.

india 1"By blood I am Albanian, by citizenship I am Indian, by faith I am a catholic nun. As to my calling I belong to the world, as to my heart I belong entirely to the heart of Jesus." - Mother Teresa.

Day One

Phase two completed, Now arrived in Kalkota. Dubai is always an interesting experience last night it was a 20 minutes walk 4 escalators and a train and still within the same terminal! I am now at the Lytton Hotel in Kolkota. Things occasionally in India are not as they seem and no WIFI in the rooms so now I am camped at the reception desk courtesy of the receptionists who given me the private code just for this area! My first meeting is tonight so now for some emails! Thank you to everyone for your prayers they are much appreciated. 

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